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We got Beetle from Dachshund Rescue South Florida. We met him at Dr. Bruce’s Animal Hospital and knew right away that we had to bring him home. He is so smart and learned right away how to get along with other dogs and cats. This little guy loves to play with other dogs and is fearless even when it comes to really big dogs. Beetle Knievel is a great member of our family.

For those that might be wondering, Gala is a cat. She is a Sphynx, the hairless breed made famous by the Austin Powers movie and by Real Housewives of New Jersey. She is named after the wife of the famous artist Salvador Dali because we think she fits in with his surrealist aesthetic. Believe it or not even though she is hairless she is soft and cuddly just like any other cat. Gala has been seeing Dr. Bruce since she was a kitten and would not ever want to be anyone else’s patient.

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