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Simple Hygiene Tips for Dog and Cat Owners

We love our pets. They’re adorable, fun, and bring us a tremendous amount of joy. They can also cause us some extra work due to the extra hygiene issues we need to look out for. What we hope to do with this article is give you some practical tips that you can implement on a regular basis to ensure that your pets’ hygiene stays managed all the time.

Grain Free Diets: More Harm Than Good?

Just like the fad diets men and women are shown in the latest health magazines, pet owners are faced with similar challenges. One such diet fad for pets is the use of grain-free diets. Pet owners need to become educated on the potential harm that grain-free diets for pets may cause.

Weight Management for Pets

What should a dog or cat owner look for to find out if their pet is overweight, or even underweight? According to a survey of veterinarians in the United States, it’s estimated that about half of all dogs and nearly 60% of cats are overweight! When an animal isn’t the right weight, it opens up the possibility of serious health problems. Fortunately, weight management is something that can be taken care of with proper diet and regular exercise.

Tips for New Pet Owners

Did you receive a new pet over the holidays? If you were one of the lucky people to receive a new member to your family over the holidays, congratulations! Now that you’re responsible for a new furry loved one, what do you do? When anyone – a pet or a person, is getting used to a new home, there will be an adjustment period. We hope that the following will help provide you with some good things to remember when helping a new pet turn your house into their new home.

Help Your Vet Diagnose Your Pet

It can be unsettling when your pet isn’t acting like their usual, happy self. Before running off to the Internet to attempt to diagnose what may be happening with your dog or cat, there are several things that you can do to help us determine what may be troubling them.

Vaccines for Your Dogs and Cats

Having your dog or cat vaccinated is one of the most vital things that you can do as a pet owner to ensure their long-term health. Both cats and dogs can be exposed to illnesses from flea or tick bites, and other environmental factors, so it’s important that we help build the immune system of our furry loved ones before they become ill. Since pets often don’t show any signs of being ill until their sickness is advanced, it’s important that we help protect their health early on.