Dr. Bruce's Animal Hospital

Veterinary Pharmacy

We have a fully stocked pharmacy on site that provides you the needed medications to treat any condition your pet may have. We are also part of a network of compounding specialist in cases where your pet may have special needs. (Such as your pet won’t eat the pill). In those cases, we have several veterinary pharmacists that can create specialized formulations in flavors that even the most finicky pet will find very tasty.
In addition, we stock prescription foods, heartworm preventatives, flea and tick preventatives, and supplemental products such as shampoos and vitamins. If there is anything special that you want for your pet, whether it is a special treat, or vitamins, or a specific heartworm preventative that we do not carry, just ask. If we don’t have it, we can get it!
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We also have an Online Pharmacy and we can fill all of your prescriptions from there for delivery to you. Just follow the link or find it under the Resources Menu.

Now Available! One Dose Protection!

12 Month Heartworm Prevention Injection in only one dose.