Dr. Bruce's Animal Hospital

Grooming by Kellie

We are so excited to have “Grooming by Kellie” on site! Kellie Kapriske has been a professional pet groomer for over 15 years and provides our in house grooming services. She is proudly NDGAA certified which makes her a valuable addition to your pet care needs.

Why choose an NDGAA certified groomer

I am certified in ALL breeds by the NDGAA (National Dog Groomers Association of America) and earned a Master Groomer status. This means that after I completed grooming school I took an additional year and a half traveling the country, attending grooming seminars and grooming dogs of different breed groups in front of a panel of Master Groomers. I was then graded on my performance. Additionally, I was required to test out on a number of written examinations .regarding grooming styles, grooming safety and canine health. I followed this with a Masters examination, which I proudly passed. . I am also certified in canine first aid! I am very proud of my NDGAA Certifications, but I am even more honored that you choose me to take care of your beloved fur baby. Please know that your pet’s safety is my number one priority. I pride myself on your satisfaction and the care your pet receives during the grooming process. I hope you will agree!

What does it mean and why does it matter?

Dog groomers, unlike human hair stylists, DO NOT have to be licensed by the state. Most groomers will tell you they are “certified” by whatever school they attended. All that means is that they paid money to the school and completed the 6-week program. This DOES NOT ensure that they are a good or safety minded groomer. Many do not even know the breed standard of the dog they are grooming or how that dog should look.